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Welcome to our online presence, offering a virtual experience of Belvoir Antiques, established in the heart of the Vale of Belvoir

A unique story worth uncovering.


Every decorative antique, big or small, has its own story to tell. Bury it away in a dusty room, shut it away in the dark, clutter it or smother it and you lose an opportunity to really appreciate its individual story.


It's what we believe at Belvoir Antiques. Which is why our approach to connecting you to the most interesting antiques is different.


Most importantly, we match the beauty of each and every piece with a concierge-inspired service. If you want us to bring pieces to your home, to get a sense of how they’ll look, consider it done. If you want us to suggest styling options with you, we will. If you want us to walk you through the provenance of a piece, we’ll tell its story with delight.


So, from the moment you browse our collections, to the final moment you have the piece in your home, you can be sure of one thing: you’ll only ever be left with the antiques you truly love.

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At Belvoir Antiques, we provide our loyal shoppers with a broad assortment of ever-changing design inspirations. We are happy to assist you in finding the right item at the right price to fit the budget and brief.

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