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Chests & Trunks

Chests & Trunks

Furniture for sale including old and antique chests and trunks. We all want a lot of storage space for our houses, whether it is for the kids’ toys, guest towels and linens, or just general clutter. But cluttered storage choices that are inconvenient and, well, unattractive are the worst. With our wide selection of vintage trunks and vintage chests, you can bid adieu to big, uninteresting boxes and hello to beautiful storage.

Almost every style of vintage storage trunk you could imagine is available in our selection. Both very collectible items, such as Louis Vuitton original trunks, and less expensive ottomans that are just as beautiful are available.

We’ve chosen the best vintage storage chests for you to examine, ranging from sturdy, intricately carved hardwood trunks to metal and leather storage trunks.

Due to their adaptability and really on-trend design, wooden chest trunks are one of the most popular furniture items among modern homes. Wood trunks have the advantage of frequently serving as vintage coffee tables, TV stands, bedside tables, or even benches, so you get two uses out of one piece of furniture. So take a seat back, unwind, and browse our selection of vintage storage trunks.

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