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Good design and quality is timeless

Good design and quality is timeless

Good design and quality is timeless.


Every decorative antique, big or small, has its own story to tell. Hide it in a dusty shop, shut it away in the dark, clutter it or smother it and you lose an opportunity to appreciate its individuality and hear its unique story.

So, from the moment you browse our collections, to the final moment you have the piece in your home, you can be sure of one thing: you’ll only ever be left with the antique furniture you truly love.

Set in the heart of the Vale of Belvoir resides a huge antique furniture warehouse, where good design and quality meet. The furniture and interiors purveyed are timeless.

Put simply; we buy what we would use and enjoy in our own home.

Every piece, large or small, has its own story to tell.

We have been dealing and sourcing antique furniture and design, from all over the UK, Europe and Asia independently since 1998.

We adore originality, honesty and good colour.

We have supplied some of the UK’s leading interior designers, country homes and international celebrities.

Our pieces have been featured in national newspapers and magazines.

We are equally delighted to deal with trade and private clients alike.

We sincerely hope you enjoy looking through our website and the flow of stock, which we work very hard to find.

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